’80s HK Star Chin Siu-Ho, 60, Says He Hasn’t Had Sex With His Wife In Over 10 Years

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Hong Kong veteran actor Chin Siu-Ho, 60, has been married to his non-celeb wife Qiu Qianming for the past 22 years. After giving birth to their son, Qian Yingde, who is now 19, Qianming went under the radar, seldom appearing alongside Siu-Ho at events.

Siu-Ho recently made an appearance at an elderly home in Taiwan, where he was more than a little forthcoming about his married life. 

The actor, who sat for an interview alongside Taiwanese stars Tsai Yunjie and Lan Xinyu, first revealed that he suffers from high blood pressure and high cholesterol — an apt topic considering the target audience of the event.

But here’s where things got a little TMI.

According to Yunjie, she and her husband haven’t had sex much since welcoming their baby daughter last December. When she asked for a man’s opinion on the topic, Siu-Ho eagerly revealed that he hasn’t had sex in many years.

He said: “I’ve not done it in over 10 years. It’s true.”

He then burst into laughter before adding he “couldn’t do anything about it”.

He went on to explain that Qianming and him have been sleeping in separate rooms due to the differences in their working hours.

Siu-Ho would sometimes socialise with guests late into the night, and did not want to disturb his wife from her rest when he got home.

“It’s really not because I can’t [perform],” he quipped.

“I’ve actually not thought about [sex] for many years now. I have many friends who go on holiday with me, and I’ve been busy with work. I haven’t thought about it at all, it feels like I’m an eunuch now!” he joked.

Siu Ho’s marriage with Qianming is his second. He was married to former Hong Kong actress Sharon Kwok from 1990 to 1993, and the two have a 33-year-old son, Andrew Pong, who is also an actor.

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