Actor Maxi Lim & Influencer Lizy Teo Announce Split; Had Ended on “Really Good Terms”

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Maxi Lim and Lizy Teo Part Ways: A Peaceful End to a Celebrity Romance

In today’s world, it’s becoming less shocking when celebrated, ‘couple-goal’ pairs abruptly announce their separation online.

Casting our minds back to 2020, the public was simultaneously surprised and delighted to learn that the second ‘Ah Boys To Man’ actor, Maxi Lim, had tied the knot.

His bride was none other than his then-girlfriend, Lizy Teo, a digital creator.

Revealing The Separation

Late last night (9 Jan), around 3:23 am, Maxi and Lizy shared a collaborative reel video on Instagram, revealing their separation — which suggests an impending divorce.

Image: Instagram (@kylolizy)

The video, the timing of which (before or after their split) remains unclear, shows Maxi and Lizy making peace signs at the camera, concluding with a friendly fist bump.

Throughout the video, both are smiling, showing no apparent signs of sadness.

The caption of the video reads “Thank you guys,” ending with a heart shape.

To the uninformed, their interaction might suggest they are either exceptionally good friends or still a couple.

The chosen background song for the video is Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time,” a poignant track about continually being there for someone, even after parting ways.

Guess we can’t help but wonder if the lyrics mirror Maxi and Lizy’s current emotions.

Ending on “Really Good” Terms

Lizy’s caption reveals that they parted on really good terms and are optimistic about their respective futures.

Regarding the reason for their split, Lizy mentioned that they were “not compatible as partners” but still harboured best wishes for each other.

It appears from their statements that the former couple has reached a harmonious agreement regarding the care of their 3-year-old son, Reign.

However, a glance at Maxi and Lizy’s social media updates hints at the underlying pain of the separation.

Lizy shared a story with a reflective quote: “Everyone gets hurt. It’s what you do with the hurt that matters the most.”

Image: Instagram (@kylolizy)

Maxi, on the other hand, reassured his fans through a story posted this noon (9 Jan) about his wellbeing, stating that he has faced various challenges, and a separation like this is manageable for him.

Image: Instagram (@originalmaxi)

Both have decided to refrain from interviews and keep the matter private.

Marriage & Their Son in 2020

Considering Reign is only three, it must have been a difficult and thoughtful decision for the couple to part ways.

Maxi and Lizy married in March 2020, following a unique proposal by Maxi during a shoot for JianHao Tan.

Dressed in a Star Wars outfit, Maxi surprised Lizy with his proposal, which she happily accepted.

That same year, they welcomed Reign.

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