After 15 Years Of Marriage, Andy Lau Finally Corrects Media That They’ve Been Writing His Wife’s Chinese Name Wrongly

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For 15 years, we’ve known the Chinese name of Andy Lau’s wife Carol Chu as 朱丽倩 or Zhu Li Qian. Well, turns out that’s not her name — it’s actually 朱丽 , which also reads as Zhu Li Qian, but last the character is different word altogether. 

The Heavenly King set the record straight yesterday (Dec 6) after his father Lau Li’s funeral. He passed away on Nov 20 at the age of 97.

In a statement through his management company, Andy, 62, thanked everyone for their condolences and concern regarding his dad’s passing.

He also pointed out that the last character of his wife’s Chinese name 朱丽蒨 had been incorrectly written in reports, for like, forever.

He also implored the media to “please make the correction”.

Well, now you know.

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