An Unwell Aaron Kwok, 58, Seen Getting Help To Walk Down Stairs

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We are so used to seeing Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok being the picture of youth that we tend to forget he is also human.

The 58-year-old is currently knee-deep in promotion for his latest film Rock n Roll and has been tirelessly showing up for various media events.

Coupled with his ongoing Aaron Kwok Amazing Starry Tour, it seems the grueling schedule is taking a toll on the Heavenly King.

In a video posted online, Aaron is seen bundled up in a brown trench coat and being supported by his Rob n Roll co-star Gordon Lam as he wallked down some stairs.

After a few steps, and we suspect after probably spotting the cameras, Aaron signaled Gordon to let go as he flashed a grin before making his way down the stage himself.

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