Andy Lau Is The King Of Fake Endorsements, Had 84 False Advertisements On Record This Year Alone

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Scroll down to see some of the products using Andy’s name on their packaging.

Andy’s team also added in a statement that he also has “no plans to endorse any brand of fermented cabbage and other related products and services represented by Heilongjiang Tian Miao Agricultural Products…”

However, in the case of the fermented cabbage product, the manufacturer has come out to defend their actions, saying that even though they did not sign an agreement with his management, they have a contract with a film and television group for the use of Andy’s image.

Previously, a company was found to have been illegally using stills from Andy’s movies, claiming the singer-actor was a spokesperson for water purifier products.

The company was ordered by the courts to stop using his image and pay a compensation of RMB$500,000 (S$94,700). They also had to bear all legal costs and issue a public apology.

Will Andy’s team be successful in chasing all these fake advertising claims down?

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