Andy Lau & Wife Didn’t Talk To Each Other For 6 Months When They Were In Different Countries, While Tony Leung Says He Hardly Spends Time With Carina Lau

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He did, however, give up eating meat 10 years ago as his wife and daughter, 11-year-old Hanna, are vegetarians.

“After my daughter was born, I was still eating meat, but I stopped as both my wife and daughter are vegetarians. It’s strange to be eating meat alone,” he explained, stressing that it is a personal preference and has nothing to with religion.

Before becoming a full-fledged vegetarian, Andy experimented with a vegetarian diet for one week during a break between concerts.

“It didn’t really affect my condition, so I made the switch,” he said.

His wife was very concerned that his body would not be able to adapt to the diet and frequently checked on him. “But after the concert, she felt my performance was pretty good,” he nodded approvingly.

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