“Are All Hong Kong Policemen So Good Looking?”: Netizens Gush Over TVB ‘Ah Sirs’, Who Were Spotted Filming In Public

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Fans of TVB dramas can probably agree that there are few things more attractive than hunky men in uniform on screen. Think the Flying Tiger series, or the 2020 action drama, Airport Strikers. The one thing these shows have in common? Good-looking people in uniform.

Recently, a netizen was lucky enough to run into a group of actors wearing police uniforms while filming a drama on the streets of Hong Kong.

The netizen filmed the group of very fit, very dashing actors sauntering down the street, and proceeded to share the video on Xiao Hong Shu.

They wrote: “The star power here is so strong! I chanced upon the filming of a TVB show [and the] Ah Sirs are really quite handsome!”

Ah Sir is, of course, the Hong Kong term for policemen.

Of the group, the most recognised was Joel Chan.

Others, though, were more interested in finding out if the attractive group was really representative of real policemen in Hong Kong.

“Are all Hong Kong policemen so tall and good looking?” asked a few curious netizens.

As it turns out, a handful of people were able to confirm that yes, hunky policemen are indeed aplenty on the streets of Hong Kong.

“Although these are actors, the real Ah Sirs I’ve seen in Hong Kong are equally dashing as well. They’re tall, fit, and very handsome,” wrote a netizen.

Another said: “It’s true! Hong Kong policemen are tall and good looking, some of them are really young too.”

Don’t believe them? Perhaps you’ll be convinced by this netizen’s account: “I’ve always thought that it was only TVB actors who are handsome. After visiting Hong Kong, I realised that real-life policemen are attractive too. Some of them have even gone viral online for their looks!”

Not sure about you, but we’re definitely keeping our eyes peeled for these Ah Sirs the next time we visit Hong Kong.

Watch the Xiao Hong Shu clip below.

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