Cameron Diaz reacts to rumour that she quit acting because of Jamie Foxx’s on-set meltdown

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Cameron, DiazCameron, Diaz

Cameron Diaz recently addressed rumours surrounding Jamie Foxx’s alleged behavior on the set of “Back in Action,” which supposedly led her to quit acting again. On Molly Sims’ podcast, she expressed frustration over false claims that the set was troubled due to Foxx, vehemently refuting these assertions.

Diaz, 51, praised Foxx, emphasizing his talent and character, and debunked rumors of him causing her departure from acting. She admitted to some “hiccups” on set, including Foxx’s unexpected weeks-long hospitalization, but dismissed any suggestion that it influenced her decision to step away from acting.

Photo: Instagram/Jamie Foxx

Diaz said that Foxx handled the situation with grace

While acknowledging challenges during filming, Diaz maintained that Foxx handled the situation with grace despite public scrutiny. She clarified that the only delay she experienced was due to Foxx’s health issues, which she respectfully chose not to discuss further.

“Back in Action” marked Diaz’s return to Hollywood after a hiatus starting in 2014 for family reasons. This film also marks her third collaboration with Foxx, following their work in “Any Given Sunday” and “Annie.”

Illness that temporarily affected his mobility

Foxx, 56, briefly addressed his undisclosed illness that temporarily affected his mobility. He acknowledged the difficulty of his experience but didn’t reveal specifics about his diagnosis, instead expressing gratitude for overcoming tough times during an acceptance speech.

Both Diaz and Foxx have encountered speculation and reports, but Diaz’s recent statements aim to dispel misconceptions about their working relationship on the set of “Back in Action.”

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