Century Bak Kwa – The Best Premium Charcoal-Grilled Bak Kwa In Singapore

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Century Best Bak Kwa

Lunar New Year is just around the corner and it’s time to buy and order your favourite Bak Kwa if you haven’t already done so.  Bak kwa, commonly referred to as rou gan, is our all-time favourite CNY snack and essentially, it is a thin slice of barbecued pork characterized by its sweet, smoky, and savory taste.

We are not sure about you, but Bak Kwa is a snack that we crave all the time and not just during Lunar New Year. We really can eat it all year round!

Century Bak Kwa is a local artisanal bak kwa shop that offers charcoal-grilled Bak Kwa handmade using Spanish pork. Their Bak Kwa is marinated in house with precision, batch by batch, and grilled on charcoal on premise in small batches to ensure the consistency and quality.

Century Bak Kwa

Century Bak Kwa has perfected the craft of making Bak Kwa, turning it into not just a festive delicacy during Lunar New Year but a year-round treat for those who crave a slice of tradition, perfectly charred and packed with flavor.

Fans of Century Bak Kwa call it the Hermes of Bak Kwa, and that is the best testimony of where they stand in terms of taste and quality.

Century charcoal grilled bak kwa

Unlike most Bak Kwa chains in Singapore that produce their Bak Kwa using machines, Century Bak Kwa is an independent shop and the handmade Bak Kwa is grilled at their shop in small batches.

Century Thick Bak Kwa slices

The Bak Kwa slices are thick, juicy and tender. Other than the original flavour, they also offer an array of modern flavours including lychee, yuzu, pineapple, hawthorn and black truffle. Once you’ve tried their premium Bak Kwa, everything else pales in comparison.

Century Bak Pineapple Tarts

And don’t miss out on their homemade Golden Pineapple Tarts—available in original, ondeh ondeh, prune, strawberry—which are super addictive. These are made using premium French butter, so every bite is luxurious, decadent and oh so satisfying. Totally worth the calories, we would say!

There may be no lack of brands out there offering CNY goodies, but Century Bak Kwa has won our hearts for their dedication to perfection. Apart from the taste, can we also say they have the best-looking packaging?

Century Best Bak Kwa Singapore

They nailed the aesthetics part, making their goodies an ideal gift for that someone special. Truly the best Bak Kwa in Singapore, and if you haven’t tried, you are missing out.

They have limited slots available from until the start of Lunar New Year, shop for your Bak Kwa online at Century Bak Kwa.

Century Bak Kwa
30 Dunlop St
Singapore 209358

This post was brought to you by Century Bak Kwa.


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