China’s Famed Artiste Manager Yang Tian Zhen Wears “100kg” Dress Made Of Teddy Bears To Awards Ceremony

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Over-the-top red carpet gowns we’ve seen aplenty, but few have caught our attention the same way this one has.

China artiste manager and entrepreneur Yang Tian Zhen, known for being Fan Bingbing’s director of publicity during the actress’ heyday, recently attended GQ’s Men of The Year awards ceremony.

It was there she got everyone’s attention with the fluffiest and cuddliest dress we’ve ever seen.

The dress, made up of many teddy bears sewn together, engulfed Tian Zhen from neck to toe. It was said to weigh “around 100kg”. 

That’s definitely an exaggeration. While we’re sure the dress was heavy, we’re certain it did not weigh 100kg, which is the equivalent of 100 one-litre bottles of water or 50 bricks. 

Tian Zhen took to Weibo to share a behind-the-scenes video of herself getting into the outfit, and boy, did it take a village. 

Wearing a plastic bag over her head to prevent her hair and make-up from getting messed up, Tian Zhen was seen standing still while at least three people helped her get dressed. And by get dressed, we mean lift the bulky gown over her head, as she fought her way to emerge from the neckline.

After some adjustment and repositioning of teddy bears, Tian Zhen was all set, though she was wobbling on her feet due to the dress’ weight.

“Someone asked me how many bears I brought to GQ, and I had a friend ask if it was cosy [in the dress]. Yes, it was extremely cosy,” she recounted in her post.

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