Chinese Actress Apologises For Being “Too Ugly” In New Drama

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We’re starting to feel real sad for Chinese actress Mao Xiaohui. 

Recently (Jan 19), the 27-year-old actress, who plays the demon Meng Li in new Chinese wuxia drama The Legend of Sword and Fairy 4, took to her Weibo to apologise to netizens for being “too ugly”.

Sorry, what?

It happened after netizens criticised how she looked in the drama.

According to their comments, Xiaohui looked listless on screen and her eyes were lifeless, which had viewers thinking her character was blind. 

Xiaohui was also chastised for “having the same expression in every scene” and lacking the charisma and beauty her character Meng Li was supposed to have. 

It didn’t help that stills for the drama were heavily edited, making her look very different from how she did in the show. 

In her apology post, Xiaohui wrote: “Sorry I was too ugly for everyone. Actually I went on a diet and had lost weight at that time but I still looked so fat on screen. I’m a fatty. Why is it so hard to lose weight?.”

After the first post, the actress went on to update her socials 11 more times with messages such as: “Sorry everyone”, “Meng Li disappointed everyone”, “I started crying again after I got up”, “I really want to tell everyone to cover their eyes when they see me [in the show], Just treat it as a radio drama and only watch when the others are acting”.

This is also not the first time Xiaohui has been slammed for her looks.

When she played Xiao Long Nu (aka Little Dragon Girl) in the 2022 version of The Legend of the Condor Heroes, the actress was also picked on for “not being pretty enough”.

At that time, netizens ranted that Xiaohui is always playing characters who are described to be beautiful despite being very average looking.

How mean is that?

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