Chinese Father Transforms Into Sexy Stud By Listening To Netizen Advice

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The following video garnered positive feedback prompting one to write that “a black mask is any man’s best form of plastic surgery.”

But it seems netizens weren’t done and with each new video, instructions and advice poured in ranging from camera angles, to lighting and of course, styling tips.

By the 10th video, the daughter was a faraway sight in the background and her father had turned into some sort of exotic dancer.

A wave of thirsty comments ensued with one asking him to “be my daddy!”.

Has the father become… a “yellow-haired” stud now?

Netizens also wondered what they had done, with one commenting: “A well-behaved husband has turned into a sexy dancer. We have sinned!”

Another mockingly asked, “Why has your daughter become a watermark in your videos?”

The father is not complaining saying the experience has done well for his marriage. He also said in a live stream: “My wife is extremely happy and has rekindled her passion for me.”


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