Chinese Star Jia Ling Loses 50kg In 6 Months For New Movie

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According to reports, Jia Ling underwent a strict strength training regimen, and now has visibly toned arms and abs as proof of her hard work. 

To lose 50kg in the short span of six months is an impressive feat, to say the least.To put it into perspective, that’s the weight of an adult. 

While we’re not sure if it’s really possible to lose that much weight in six months through training alone, we’ve got to hand it to Jia Ling for all the effort she has put in for her film.

Netizens, too, were shocked by her transformation, with some wondering how much willpower it took Jia Ling to go through with the process. 

“I’m super envious of those who have the strength to go put their mind to losing so much weight,” wrote one netizen.

Others also left comments reminding Jia Ling to take care of her health.

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