Chow Yun Fat, 68, completes his first 21km half marathon in a little over 2 hours

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Did Chow Yun Fat just outdo himself again? On Sunday (Nov 19), the 68-year-old Hong Kong film legend, affectionately known as Fat Gor (Cantonese for Big Brother Fat), participated in his first ever half marathon at the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. 

Guess how long Chow, who as usual turned up in his signature all-black sports attire, took to finish the 21km run?

Only 2hrs 27mins and 56secs. For your reference, the average half marathon finish time is 1hr 50 mins for men but the star is already pushing 70, mind you.

Some netizens also managed to get a glimpse of the actor crossing the finishing line, looking suave as ever and not panting at all. 

He even raised his hand to wave at the crowd while everyone cheered for him. What a champ, right?

After the run, Chow also told the media that he was happy with his performance. His timing met the goal set by the organisers and he will be joining the run again next year. 

This half marathon is just one of the many sporting milestones Chow has achieved recently.

In February this year, Fat Gor took part in the 10km run at the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon, and finished it in 1hr 3mins and 57secs.

Last December, he participated in the Hong Kong Athletics Cross Country Championships, which he completed in 56mins and 39secs. 

At that time, he was asked if he would want to try running a half marathon. His reply? “Maybe a few years later.”

Guess he couldn’t wait to check that off his to do list.

This story was originally published in 8Days. 

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