CNY2024 Blessings for Bigger Angbaos, Fortune & Longevity

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No doubt, in Chinese culture, money and wealth are highly valued, especially when intertwined with the notion of good luck.

Just look at Yu Sheng. It’s a simple dish with meanings and blessings attached to each ingredient.

As we usher in the Year of the Dragon, the tradition is to exchange New Year greetings – not just a nice thing to do, but totally cool.

Who knows, maybe someone will be so happy with your greeting and give you a BIG angbao? Cheers to a prosperous year!

TL;DR: Chinese New Year Phrases (2024)

The Chinese language can be difficult to master, but if you manage to memorise this list, you will surely ace every CNY exchange!

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CNY Greetings for Good Fortune

It’s time to ditch the usual Gōng Xǐ Fā Cái (恭喜发财) everyone uses!

Sayings something related to money and fortune is always a hit, especially with work buddies and bosses during the Chinese New Year.

So, here’s a list of phrases about wealth and prosperity that you can drop into your greetings immediately.

There are fancier greetings that will definitely impress those whom you’re greeting:

CNY Greetings for Money And Fortune Meaning
财源广进 (Cáiyuán guǎng jìn) Wishing you prosperity
大吉大利 (Dà jí dà lì) May wealth flow in
福如东海 (Fú rú dōng hǎi) May your luck be as vast as the East Sea
发财兴旺 (Fā cái xīng wàng) Good luck and great prosperity
金玉满堂 (Jīn yù mǎn táng) May your wealth and treasures fill the hall
四季平安 (Sì jì píng’ān) Peace throughout the four seasons
财源广进福满堂 (Cái yuán guǎng jìn fú mǎn táng) May wealth pour in and blessings fill your home
五福临门 (Wǔ fú lín mén) May the five blessings come to your doorstep
吉星高照 (Jí xīng gāo zhào) Auspicious stars shining high, bringing good luck
一帆风顺 (Yī fān fēng shùn) May you have smooth sailing in everything you do
瑞气东来 (Ruì qì dōng lái) Auspicious energy comes from the east
莲开并蒂 (Lián kāi bìng dì) Like a lotus in full bloom, may all your wishes come true
鸿运当头 (Hóng yùn dāng tóu) Good luck is on the horizon
喜气洋洋 (Xǐ qì yáng yáng) Full of joy and happiness

That said, don’t forget that Li Chun (the “Beginning of Spring”) is happening this 4 Feb 2023!

According to tradition, by depositing money into your bank account during auspicious times (based on your Chinese Zodiac), you will get to enjoy good fortune and stable income for the rest of the year.

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CNY Greetings for Health

And there are just some important things in life besides fortune and money, such as health.

Whether directed at your elders, friends, family, or colleagues, these greetings are typically suitable for anyone you love and care about:

CNY Greetings for Health Meaning
龙马精神 (Lóng mǎ jīng shén) May you have the spirit of the dragon and the vitality of a horse
健康快乐 (Jiànkāng kuàilè) Health and happiness to you
百病消散 (Bǎi bìng xiāo sàn) May all illnesses vanish
身体康健心如意 (Shēn tǐ kāng jiàn xīn rú yì) May your body be healthy and your heart content
心灵宁静身体健 (Xīn líng níng jìng shēn tǐ jiàn) May your mind be at peace and your body be healthy
健康长寿 (Jiàn kāng cháng shòu) Wishing you good health and longevity
福寿安康 (Fú shòu ān kāng) May you have happiness, longevity, and peace
青春常驻 (Qīng chūn cháng zhù) May youthfulness stay with you
心灵愉快 May your mind be joyful
百事亨通 (Bǎi shì hēng tōng) May everything go well for you
安康如意 (Ān kāng rú yì) May you be safe and sound as you wish
长寿健康 (Cháng shòu jiàn kāng) Wishing you a long and healthy life

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CNY Greetings for Businesses And Career

Sending warm wishes during this festive season not only fosters goodwill but also strengthens relationships with clients, partners, and employees.

These are phrases you can use to express aspirations of success and progress in work or business:

CNY Greetings for Business Prosperity Meaning
事业蒸蒸日上 (Shì yè zhēng zhēng rì shàng) May your career thrive day by day
财源广进业务兴隆 (Cái yuán guǎng jìn yè wù xīng lóng) May wealth flow in and your business prosper
创业有成事业有成 (Chuàng yè yǒu chéng shì yè yǒu chéng) Success in your entrepreneurial and career pursuits
宏图大展 (Hóng tú dà zhǎn) May your grand ambitions be realised
贵人相助 (Guì rén xiāng zhù) May influential people assist you in your endeavours
生意兴隆 (Shēng yì xīng lóng) May your business prosper
事业有成 (Shì yè yǒu chéng) Wishing you success in your career
财源滚滚 (Cái yuán gǔn gǔn) May wealth roll in steadily
生财有道 (Shēng cái yǒu dào) May you have a way to wealth
辉煌业绩 (Huī huáng yè jì) May your achievements be splendid
财源滚滚不断 (Cái yuán gǔn gǔn bù duàn) May wealth keep rolling in continuously
商机如潮 (Shāng jī rú cháo) May business opportunities come like waves
智慧经营 (Zhì huì jīng yíng) May you manage with wisdom
招财进宝 (Zhāo cái jìn bǎo) Inviting wealth and treasures
飞黄腾达 (fēi huáng téng dá) May you have rapid advancement in your career

So, which phrases will you be using?

Not too sure how to use them? Head over to the Seedly Community to ask them!

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