Comedian Mayiduo Spent S$150K Gifting Rolexes To 7 Best-Performing Staff: “More Meaningful Than Cash”

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A check online showed Kelvin’s time piece priced between S$23,900 to S$56,900 depending on the model.

This isn’t the first time Kelvin has treated his staff to such extravagance and shares with us that buying a Rolex is a yearly thing for those who hit their targets.

When we asked about the significance behind the Rolexes, Kelvin said such gifts are “more meaningful than simply giving out cash.”

“One of the reasons we decided to gift everyone a watch is so that when they wear it, they will remember what they went through to achieve the Rolex,” he said.

When asked how he might react if any of his employees decided to sell off their Rolexes, Kelvin good-naturedly replied that he had no problems with that.

“They must have a reason if they need to sell it off. Who are we to judge?” said Kelvin.

In the reel, Kelvin also mentioned that he is looking to expand his team at SG Interior KJ.

And no, he isn’t talking about just a couple more staff to boost productivity.

“We are looking to hire another 40 interior designers in addition to the 35 we now have. We really want to grow big,” he told us.

Besides SG Interior KJ, Kelvin is also the co-founder of media company, Double Up and the founder of T-shirt printing service El Print Pte Ltd.

In the comments, one tagged Double Up and asked, “Can give Rolex ma?”

Of course, netizens also had a go in the comments section, many of them (jokingly?) asking for a job.

One wrote, “Boss, when can I start work?”

Another user shared: “My boss also brought me to Far East Plaza, but to eat chicken rice (I paid myself.)

Local celebs also joined in the fun with Singaporean actor Zong Zijie asking, “Bro, you still hiring?”

Good friend and content creator Simon Kung aka simonboyyyyyyy also commented, “Hi guys, I am officially joining Mayiduo and be his apprentice for ID.

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