Conservatives exhausted with liberals prioritising they/them non-binary pronouns 

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Non-Binary conservativesNon-Binary conservatives

The non-binary movement is still in full force, despite the conversations about it being lesser. Apparently, a viral video shows a hairdresser asking her client what her pronounce are. The client responded by saying that her pronouns are “they/them.” For most people, this would obviously not be a priority. 

However, in an ironic twist, resumes with non-binary pronouns are more likely to be ignored by employers. A report indicates that resumes using they/them pronouns face neglect from hiring managers. In an experiment, two similar resumes under the name “Taylor Williams” were sent to 180 job postings. 

The one with gender-neutral pronouns received 8% less employer interest, despite 64% of these being Equal Opportunity Employers. “Especially worrisome,” the report states, as nonbinary resumes receive fewer interview requests and less positive reception, viewed as 7% less qualified.

Nonbinary jobseekers, reflected in the study’s 409 respondents, felt significant hindrance in job searches due to their identity, with 24% feeling it would “very much hurt” and 59% “somewhat hurt.”

Conservatives exhausted with liberals and their pronouns 

X users state that this is simply a waste of time, and workers are forced to waste their efforts on “mentally ill” people. Furthermore, some are asking if this is what most people really want, which is to ask others what their pronouns are and handle the possibility of them being overly sensitive. 

For the most part, conservatives view this as a way for certain individuals to get free attention from others. The user states that if we conform to this ideology, they would only find something else to be offended about in order for them to feel “special.”

Others wished to have the free time some of these non-binary people have in order to make up their gender identity for the day. Unfortunately, in the real world, not many would have the luxury of time to think of ways to inconvenience others. 

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