Conservatives vouching for Trump even more after knowing he “banned” Epstein from Mar-a-Lago years ago 

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Donald Trump, Lawyers, Trump presidencyDonald Trump, Lawyers, Trump presidency

The controversial figure, Epstein has been in the topic of conversation among Americans for the past several years. This is due to the fact that there are several alleged influential people involved with the banker on his own island. Several prominent celebrities were invited to his island and social media users are placing bold claims on a lot of people who were close to him. 

However, the hottest topic among conservatives is that Trump banned Epstein from Mar-a-Lago all the way back in 2007. According to CNBC, Trump banned Jeffrey Epstein from Mar-a-Lago for allegedly hitting on a teen. The ban happened before Epstein’s 2008 guilty plea. Despite claims, Epstein was a club member. Epstein’s habit of pursuing young women led to his ousting, according to “The Grifter’s Club.” 

Trump distanced himself from Epstein, though they were friends. Epstein’s association with underage girls led to Mar-a-Lago exclusion, per a book. The Herald report alleges Epstein was a member. Giuffre linked Mar-a-Lago to Epstein’s recruiting efforts. Maxwell faces charges related to Epstein’s crimes, including perjury. 

Trump wished Maxwell well, drawing criticism. Barr termed Epstein’s d*ath a s*icide, citing security footage. 

Conservatives vouching for Trump even more after Epstein ban from Mar-a-Lago 

Conservatives state Trump deserves better after doing several things right that his opponents don’t understand. The user adds that he may not be a saint that is purely innocent, but he stood his ground when in the face of problematic and controversial individuals like Epstein. 


Following that, there are bold debates among conservatives and liberals regarding the matter. Conservatives state that Trump is hated by the woke left crowd as he is vehemently against child exploitation. However, liberals state that the former President has made several controversial statements himself in the past. 

Others are calling the bluff of the Democrats for wanting to come down hard on Trump, but at the same time are largely ignoring the Epstein list. Regardless, it seems that conservatives will continue to show support towards the former President especially after this.

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