Daughter Of Ex HK Actress Margaret Chung Was Given 2 Years To Live, She Just Celebrated Her 13th Birthday

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You might remember Hong Kong former actress Margaret Chung, 47, from her appearances in TVB dramas including Triumph in the Skies (2003), and The Last Breakthrough (2004).

She left showbiz in 2006 to become a yoga teacher, and in 2010 tied the knot with businessman Nardone Rugerro.

The couple has two daughters, Michela, eight, and Isabella, who turned 13 earlier this week.

Taking to Instagram to post a series of photos from Isabella’s birthday party, Margaret wrote: “Happy 13th Birthday my Love!!! You’re a teen now but in my eyes you’ll always be my first born beautiful baby. You know I’m proud of you and mama will always be your number one cheerleader, encourager and the one who will spoil you the most. I love you so so much Isabella…sweet wishes and kisses forever !!”

Isabella was only six months old when started having epileptic seizures, which would sometimes last up to two hours.

She was later diagnosed with Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome.

As a result of her condition, Isabella has underdeveloped muscles, and requires a wheelchair to get around. Her medical bills are also said to amount to thousands of dollars every month.

Margaret was told by doctors that Isabella wouldn’t live past the age of two. But as fate would have it, thanks to Margaret and Nardone’s resilience and love, Isabella is able to celebrate her 13th birthday surrounded by loved ones.

Besides family, Margaret’s close celeb pals, including actresses Angela Tong and Toby Leung, were also at the party. Isabella looked to be in good spirits on her special day, smiling for pictures and even planting a kiss on Angela’s cheek.

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