Do M’sians believe in company loyalty or job hopping for growth?

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If you’ve been tuning into the news lately, you’ve likely seen some pretty devastating headlines about a number of unexpected layoffs happening at notable international companies.

This includes names like Google, Amazon, Twitch, Discord, and even Singapore’s Lazada. Some have banded together to help those affected find new career opportunities, such as Lazada’s ex-staff members. 

Meanwhile, netizens have once again opened discussions on a rather 21st century debate—does it pay to be loyal to companies or is it better to job hop?

For context, FlexJobs defines job hopping as mainly referring to professionals who change jobs frequently and voluntarily. Commonly, this means staying in a company for about one to two years only before “hopping” to the next organisation. 

From an employer’s point of view, they would understandably say yes to the former. Loyal employees are typically more committed to achieving organisational goals. They also act as indirect brand advocates and influence the company’s reputation. 

Plus, this also means that employers wouldn’t have to spend as much time and resources to train new hires. 

But as employees, do you think that being loyal to the company you’re working at actually benefits you? Or do you gain more from job hopping? 

We want to hear your thoughts: to stay or to hop?

Some of you might agree that company loyalty does pay, but to what extent? Whereas some of you might believe that job hopping is the way forward, even if it also comes at a steep cost.

Regardless of how many years you’ve been in the workforce, chances are you probably have an opinion on this. 

We at Vulcan Post want you to share your brutally honest thoughts with us: As an employee, does it pay to be loyal to your company?

So we’ve created a survey form to learn more about your take on this hot topic. You can take the survey here or at the bottom of this article.

Once we’ve compiled your opinions, we’ll be writing another piece to share our findings with you.

  • Share your thoughts on this in our survey here.

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