Dog parvo outbreak closes Sevier County Animal Shelter in Sevierville, TN

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The Sevier County Animal Shelter has closed down because of a contagious virus called parvovirus.

This virus can only infect dogs and can make them very sick. It is difficult to get rid of, so special cleaning products are needed to keep dogs safe in places like animal shelters and vet clinics.

One of the puppies at the shelter showed signs of being sick with parvovirus, like being tired, not wanting to eat, and having diarrhea. Luckily, the puppy was already being kept away from the other dogs due to it having an upper respiratory infection.

Vaccinating your dogs against this virus is very important, especially if they are young or frequently visit places with lots of other dogs according to the shelter.

The shelter says they take this virus seriously and want to ensure no other dogs get sick. If they think other dogs might have been exposed to the virus, they will test all the dogs in the shelter to ensure they are healthy.

If you need to schedule an intake appointment, please text or call 865-313-5449.

The Sevier County Animal Shelter asks you to keep their furry friends in your thoughts.

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