“Don’t Talk Nonsense”: Maria Cordero Criticised For Recommending Urine To Treat Baby Eczema

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Netizens had mixed reactions to Fei Ma’s unconventional treatment.

While some vouched for its efficacy, others were naturally put off by it.

Not only is there no scientific evidence that urine can treat eczema, applying bodily waste on your body is just, well, gross and many netizens urged Fei Ma against promoting home treatments.

There were comments like “Don’t talk nonsense” or “There are creams that you can apply now”.

This incident also reminded netizens of the time when Fei Ma introduced viewers to freshwater fish sashimi in Foshan on the 2018 travel programme show Big Big Bay.

The Center for Food Safety later reported that freshwater fish has been banned in Hong Kong due to food safety issues and warned that consumption could lead to nine major health problems, including parasite infection, which could result in limb amputation, or even death.

Photos: Maria Cordero/Facebook, Maria Cordero/Douyin 

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