Ella Chen’s Dad Lost A Hand In A Work Accident Years Ago, Pic Of Them Holding Hands In Japan Shows How Close She Is To Him

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This is not the first time we’ve seen the bond between Ella and her father.  

Previously, the singer shared that she sees her dad, who unfortunately lost his hand in a work accident, as her hero. 

She recalled how she was mediating a fight between her parents when her dad suddenly said: “It’s because I lost one hand, that’s why you guys look down on me.”

That broke Ella’s heart, as she had no idea her dad felt that way.

It led to her writing him the song ‘Dan Shou Chao Ren’, which translates to ‘One Hand Superman’.

Sharing that her dad managed to support their entire family with just one hand, Ella said: “You are always a superman in my heart.”

Now who’s cutting onions in here? 

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