Elva Hsiao, 44, Refutes Pregnancy Rumours, Had To Undergo 4 Surgeries Due To Overexertion From Dancing

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In 2022, Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao, 44, announced her return to showbiz at the 33rd Golden Melody Awards after an extended hiatus.

However, after releasing her single ‘Love Is Blameless’ last November, Elva once again slipped under the radar, bar the occasional updates on her social media pages.

As expected, fans have started to wonder if she would be putting out new music anytime soon.

It seems like the requests for a comeback have reached Elva, who candidly shared the reason for her “disappearance” on Facebook earlier this week.

She wrote: “To go through four surgeries within the span of a year and a half, only I myself know what kind of life that is.”

According to reports, Elva had overexerted herself during dance practice. As a result, she had to undergo surgery on her hip last February. She also had four steel nails inserted in her right leg, and synthetic bone graft put into her left leg.

Elva was actually seen walking with a crutch during Paris Fashion Week in Oct 2022, but at that time, she said she injured a ligament in her leg while doing Tabata.

The singer revealed that she will be undergoing a fourth operation soon, to remove the steel nails and insert more synthetic bone graft into her leg. She will then move on to the recovery process.

“I don’t know if I will have to have a fifth surgery, but I’m not afraid, because I’m still looking forward to the day I can stand on stage again. I am alive, I am not fearful ‘cos I have you guys. Come on, I am Elva, continue to root for me, I want to see you guys dance, sing, and cry with me. I am Superwoman,” she wrote in her post.

Elva’s recent break from showbiz sparked many rumours, including one which claimed she was seeing a “handsome” Pan-Asian guy from a wealthy family. Some also guessed that Elva was pregnant, with talk of her “partner” regularly visiting Taiwan to take care of her.

Speaking to Taiwanese media, Elva’s agency wasted no time in quashing all the rumours.

“There’s no such thing, she’s not pregnant!” said Elva’s manager. They also added that Elva is single, and although there is someone she is going on dates with, they aren’t official yet.

According to her manager, Elva was extremely frustrated upon hearing about the unfounded rumours, especially since she’s preparing to undergo another surgery.

Many fans have since left comments on Elva’s post, voicing their support, cheering for her, and promising to await her return while she gets through this difficult phase of her life.

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