Ex Mediacorp Actress Tang Miaoling Is Now A Real Estate Agent, Says Only Clients Above 50 Will Recognise Her

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8DAYS: We’ve been seeing you take on more roles. How does it feel to be back acting again? 

MIAOLING: I realised I still enjoy doing it. I filmed an English drama earlier this year and I appeared in Silent Walls before that. Prior to that I took a three-to-four-year break. Of course at the beginning I had to adjust but it’s not that bad because the gap wasn’t that big this time

The longest break I had was more than 10 years. When I first came back to shoot 118 in 2016, I couldn’t really get into the zone and struggled with the long lines ‘cos i was out of practice (laughs). Thankfully after one or two days I got used to it again. 

Do you think it is easier being an actress now compared to last time? 

Yes, I do think filming was tougher back then. Firstly, we used to film 24/7. Back then we had three different shifts and if you had a significant amount of scenes in the show, you would really be running between three shifts. 

I once filmed for two days straight and could only take small naps in between. Sometimes we’d even just lay a backpack [on the ground] and rest by the road (laughs).

Back then we did period dramas and the environment was not as great. Those outdoor scenes were not so relaxing, unlike now [where we’re filming in a beautiful air-conditioned hotel ballroom] (laughs).

Will we be seeing a lot more of you on TV now or are you still intending to only take on occasional roles like this one in Money No Enough 3?

I think it depends if there are suitable roles for me. My kids are all grown up now and they are busy so I have more time on my hands.

Do you still keep in touch with your former showbiz pals? 

I do! With people like Hong Zhao Rong, Cassandra See, Wang Yuqing, Pan Lingling and Aileen Tan.

Do they keep you updated about what’s going on in showbiz?

Not really. Sometimes we have gatherings and they’ll mention some stuff, but usually when we go for meals and high tea, we’ll be talking about more casual things like our kids, going on holidays or health issues (laughs).

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