Fans Of Taiwanese Rapper Shou Throw Their Bras At Him At Recent Gig

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We’re not surprised that fans would do anything to get their idols’ attention but sometimes we really wonder where they get their, um, creativity from. 

Recently, Taiwanese rapper Shou, 30, one of the five members of Taiwanese boyband W0LF(S), took to his Instagram to share a video of something kinky that happened to him at a gig.

In the video, the star could be seen holding on to more than handful of bras while his fans continued throwing more bras at him.

Even as the bras start piling up and spilling onto the ground, his fans still kept throwing. 

“Is this a bra sale?… How am I supposed to sing like that?” quipped an exasperated Shou.

That said, the very sporting rapper still entertained his fans and even held the bras up to flaunt them at some point. 

This is apparently a new trend in Taiwan, where fans have started throwing bras at their idols to express their love. 

One question: are the bras clean or are they the ones fans wear to the gig?!

The video of Shou getting bra-zenly attacked managed to garner more than 450K views in just two hours.

Netizens, as usual, also didn’t hold back on poking fun at the star. 

“Next time they should throw their panties too and make it a set,” joked one netizen.

One netizen also called Shou out for looking like he was totally enjoying himself when it was raining bras on stage.

Um, we wonder what Shou’s fiancée Fan Fan Chiao, whom he got engaged to in Oct last year, feels about that? 

See SHOU’s full video on Instagram below:

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