Flexible progression system allows A-level graduates to complete professional diploma courses faster

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SINGAPORE: More polytechnic courses this year allowed A-level graduates to adhere to a flexible progression pathway, leading them to complete the courses within a shortened time frame of two years instead of the usual three.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) told Lianhe Zaobao that the 2023 academic year saw a substantial increase in the number of polytechnic courses offering exemptions to A-level graduates. Out of the 174 courses offered by polytechnics, a significant 126 (approximately 72 per cent) now allow eligible students to bypass certain unit courses, providing a more streamlined progression pathway. MOE, however, did not disclose the exact number of beneficiaries from this policy adjustment.

Certain specialized courses within the polytechnic system, such as design or architecture programs, do not have equivalent content in A-level courses, so students pursuing these tracks cannot enjoy exemptions for specific unit courses.

The authorities have clarified that the allocation of places for A-level graduates is managed under distinct arrangements, ensuring no reduction in places for O-level and technical education institute graduates. This strategic move aims to balance the needs of diverse student cohorts, providing increased opportunities for A-level graduates without compromising the availability of spaces for other educational pathways.

Commencing the 2019 academic year, A-level graduates could skip certain unit courses, enabling them to begin classes directly from the second semester in October rather than waiting until the traditional enrollment period in April of the following year. From the 2020 academic year, eligible students were able to further expedite their educational journey by waiving up to two semesters of unit courses.

The Ministry’s commitment to fostering a more adaptable and student-centric education system is evident in these recent changes, offering A-level graduates a more efficient and tailored progression pathway through the pre-university landscape.

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