“Gulu or Mimi?”: Netizens Disagree Over What They Hear In Viral Video

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Back in 2018, the Internet was ablaze with disagreement over ‘Yanny or Laurel’ auditory illusion clip.

This time, a video of an owner calling out to her cat has gone viral online, with some swearing they hear the woman calling “Mimi” while others argue they heard “Gulu”.

Apparently, experts say that highly sensitive people will hear the former while others will hear later, though umm… we find that unconvincing as the 8days.sg team heard both sounds hours apart.

Netizens were equally divided in the comments, with some insisting they heard one or the other while another said he got so confused that he would be making a trip down to the hospital to get his ears checked.

What did you hear?

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