“Her Son Can Be A Divorcee, But I Can’t?” M’sian Actress Jacquelin Ch’ng Joins Matchmaking Event Only To Be Scorned By Auntie

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After making her rounds around the park, Jacquelin came to realise that many participants were old folks, who attended the event in hopes of finding a match for their children. 

She struck up a conversation with an elderly lady who found Jacquelin “too old” for her son. 

She then approached another auntie to find out more about her son. 

The auntie revealed that her son is 40 and works for the government. He is 1.8m-tall, has been divorced once, and has a daughter and a son. 

The auntie initially praised Jacquelin for her “good qualifications” but quickly changed her tune when she realised she’s a divorcee.

The auntie said: “I prefer those who are pure and innocent and who haven’t been married.”

Sorry, what? Didn’t her son go through a divorce too?

After parting with the auntie, Jacquelin lamented: “Her son can be a divorcee, but I can’t?”

Jacquelin’s video soon gained the attention of netizens, many of whom criticised the last auntie for having “double standards”. 

One netizen also wrote that “being pure and innocent doesn’t have anything to do with whether one has been married in the past”. 

The others cheered Jacquelin on, wishing her luck in her love-finding endeavours. 

Watch Jacquelin’s clip below.

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