Here’s How You Won’t Regret Working Remotely From Overseas

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I don’t know about you, but overseas remote working is a thing at Seedly now.

In fact, we have a Work From Anywhere policy where one is allowed to work from literally anywhere as long as your manager approves it.

Just last year, the whole team went to Bali for our first (and hopefully not last!) trip overseas, and some of us also went to other places to work remotely by ourselves.

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And if you’re planning to work overseas just for fun or even bringing your whole team abroad for a change in environment – we all know the benefits of getting out of the regular grind, but there will be challenges that may surface when you’re overseas.

If you’re planning to do so as a team, this is different from a typical work retreat; it’s really working from overseas alongside your co-workers and having fun at the same time.

There are challenges, but here’s what you need to know about remote working!

TL;DR: Maximising Productivity While Working Remotely Overseas

Very simply, here are the steps:

  1. Apply for Visa and Work Permits
  2. Prepare your work setup
  3. Adapt to a different timezone
  4. Being aware of the culture and language used
  5. Buy your travel insurance
  6. Disconnect after work

Apply for Visa And Work Permits

Fun fact: Most tourists from Singapore are allowed to stay overseas for 30 days without a Visa and sometimes 90 – 180 days with a tourist Visa.

If you intend to stay beyond this duration, you should check if you will need a visa or work permit to stay overseas.

Just recently, South Korea announced that starting from 1 Jan 2024, it will allow remote workers to stay in Korea for up to two years while they are employed in a company abroad via the Digital Nomad Visa (or Workation Visa). According to Visa Guide, over 50 countries are running digital nomad visas, and this number is likely to grow further in the years ahead.

These countries are:

*Visa for digital nomads introduced but not yet implemented

Workplace Setup

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Well, while you are overseas, don’t forget you must work too!

The key here is to ensure you have a conducive workplace where you can work comfortably. Whether it’s the ergonomics or the environment, ensuring you can still focus and be productive during your time overseas does not hinder your efficiency.

If you’re going with a team, your place of stay should ideally be one that fosters group dynamics and has enough space for everyone to work at.

It also helps that you let your team choose their roommates, if any, to prevent any potential conflicts from arising.

On a related note, having a backup plan for internet outages or technical issues is just as important.

A reliable internet connection is the lifeline of remote work, which becomes even more pertinent when working from overseas. Researching and choosing a stable and high-speed internet location can significantly reduce the risk of disruptions.

Alternatively, you can consider investing in a portable Wi-Fi device or accessing local co-working spaces if you encounter connectivity issues. This can prevent potential work disruptions and maintain your professional commitments.

Tip: Bring an extension plug because you might need to charge multiple devices!

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Time Zone

Working in a different timezone presents another challenge.

Firstly, you must decide your working hours when you’re overseas if the timezone difference is drastic, for example, in Europe or the United States.

When your teammates are working, you should ideally be working too and not missing meetings – picture yourself working at night while your colleagues are going through their mornings. And if you love partying at night or simply hanging out till late at night, you will miss out on a lot of fun even though you’re overseas.

Next, you might experience jetlag, so go prepared by ensuring you have all the medication or remedies you need to combat jetlag.

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Cultural Awareness

If you’re travelling alone, familiarise yourself with the local culture, and if you’re meeting overseas colleagues, this is an opportunity to build positive relationships with them!

Even though there are language barriers here and there, you can still pick up basic phrases in the local language to facilitate communication.

Travel Insurance

This, I cannot stop emphasising.

Travel insurance is extremely important as there is a high chance of something going wrong when you’re overseas (read more here).

Whether you plan on hiking, scuba diving, mountain trekking, snowboarding, or even if you’re not planning to do any adventurous activities, you can still get yourself covered for lost and damaged items, trip delay, and when caught in an unfortunate situation, submit a claim for personal accident.

This is especially so if you’re planning on working remotely with your family while you’re overseas.

So, check out the best travel insurance for families below:

Plan Name Premiums (after discounts for 2 adults & 2 kids) including COVID-19 coverage Overseas Medical Coverage Personal Accident Additional Benefits for families
FWD Travel Premium Plan

Apply Now
(free 3GB Travel eSim Card via SingSaver)

$86.59 Up to $200,000 (adults under 70 years old)

Up to $60,000 (child)

Up to $200,000 (adults under 70 years old)

Up to $60,000 (child)

Child Companion Benefit: $5,000
Seedly Travel Safe

Apply Now
(free 3GB Travel eSim Card worth $14)

$88.62 Up to $200,000 (adults under 70 years old)

Up to $2,000 (child)

Up to $150,000 (adults under 70 years old)

Up to $10,000 (child)

Child Companion Benefit: $5,000
Child Support Grant for each dependent Child: $15,000
Income Classic Plan $92.95 Up to $500,000 (adults under 70 years old)

Up to $150,000 (child)

Up to $150,000 (adults under 70 years old)

Up to $75,000 (child)

Rental vehicle excess cover: $1,500
Hong Leong Assurance Travel Insurance (Enhanced) $98.45 Up to $250,000 (adults under 70 years old)

Up to $100,000 (child)

Up to $250,000 (adults under 70 years old)

Up to $50,000 (child)

Child Companion Benefit: $5,000
Rental vehicle excess cover: $750

Ongoing promotion: Enjoy 50% + 5% off by getting the Seedly Travel Insurance, receive a 3GB Airalo travel eSIM, up to S$50 worth of Grab vouchers and stand a chance to win an Apple iPad 9th Gen when you apply for the travel insurance!

Plus, you stand a chance to win S$88 eCapitaVouchers and/or have your flight ticket reimbursed!

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Disconnect During Non-working Hours

Lastly, while you’re overseas, don’t forget to disconnect after work hours!

It helps that you set a schedule for places you intend to travel to, space out your itinerary and activities such that you have enough time to complete them, and this also helps you establish boundaries between your professional and personal life, promoting a healthy work-life balance and mental health.

This separation becomes even more critical when working in a different time zone, allowing you to disconnect and recharge during non-working hours.

For the team at Seedly, we made sure to end work on time, went for massages, did our nails, and bonded over good food and conversations to unwind at the end of the day.

Are you going to work remotely from overseas soon, or have you tried it already? Share your stories with the community!

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