Here’s How Your Insurance Claims Can Be Denied

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COVID-19 took the world by storm, and even though travel has seen a resurgence, things are never the same.

In a world where things are all over the place—with wars, tons of COVID-19 subvariants, more elections, and natural disasters on the way—going on a trip can be kinda tricky.

More people are getting travel insurance, which is like a safety net, but it only really helps when something goes wrong.

There are reasons why you might not get paid if you need to use your travel insurance and stuff you might not have thought about.

Who wants to skip unnecessary arguments with the insurer and get your payment quickly? Me, and also you.

So, check out the reasons why a claim might be denied and how to prevent this from happening!

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TL;DR: 8 Reasons Why Your Travel Insurance Claims Are Denied

Bottom line: Read the fine print and stay informed to avoid any bumps when you need to cash in on that insurance.

Here’s an itemised checklist for making sure your claims are not denied without a good reason:

Types of Claim Supporting Documents
Loss of Personal Belongings – Purchase invoice (best if original)
– Property loss irregularity report
– Police report of lost items
– Warranty card (if any)
Damaged Personal Belongings – Original photo of the belonging (if any)
– Photos of the damaged objects
– A repairer’s diagnostic report outlining the kind and extent of the damage
– A repair bill or invoice
– Warranty card (if any)
Delay of Baggage Written acknowledgement from the airline or baggage carrier that there was a delay, the delay period and when the baggage was returned
Travel Cancellation Written acknowledgement from the airline or baggage carrier that there was a delay, the delay period, advice on hotel accommodation confirmation or travel deposit receipt
Travel Cancellation (if death or sickness is the cause) Death certificate (if in time), proof of relationship with the affected party, medical diagnosis to prove that the affected person is not suitable to travel
Travel Disruptions Including Flight Delays, Overbooking etc. Written acknowledgements from the airline or carrier, the amount refunded and any additional charges
Rental Vehicle-related Expenses In cases of accidents, provide photographs of the evidence and police report, the excess and repair payment receipt and bills
Medical Expenses / Personal Accident – Medical bills and receipts (best if original)
– A discharge statement that includes the date, nature, and cause of the injury or illness
– A police report (for accidents)
Personal Liability Third-party letter of claim (also known as Letter of Demand) or documents and documentary proof to show damage made to the third-party’s property (e.g. photograph).

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Disclaimer: The Information provided by Seedly does not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any insurance product(s). It does not take into account the specific objectives or particular needs of any person. We strongly advise you to seek advice from a licensed insurance professional before purchasing any insurance products and/or services.

Reason #1: Missing or Incomplete Documents

Before taking off, ensure you’ve got all your documents sorted.

Don’t mess up your paperwork. Double-check that you’ve got all the right documents and that they’re spot on. Small mistakes can turn into big headaches.

Make sure you put in the right dates, too! Mixing them up can mess with your claims.

Reason #2: Claiming for Baggage Damage by the Airline or Personal Negligence

If the airline messes up your luggage, snap some pics and report it immediately. Don’t wait till the last minute – airlines need to know ASAP for your claims to go smoothly.

Similarly, losing personal items or travel documents due to personal negligence (i.e. not attending to your belongings) may result in a denied claim.

You can most likely claim for these items only under circumstances such as accidental loss or damage while in the custody of an airline or other carrier and if your baggage or personal belongings are stolen or accidentally damaged.

That said, you can find a comparison of the items covered by some of the popular insurers below:

Insurer Covered Items
AIG Travel Insurance

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Money, laptop, jewllery, travel documents, personal belongings in baggage
Bubblegum Mobile phone, laptop and other accessories, personal belongings in baggage, travel documents
FWD Travel Insurance

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Money, mobile phone, laptop, tablet or other electronic devices, personal belongings in baggage, travel documents, jewellery
HLAS CovidSafe Travel Protect360 Insurance Money, mobile phone, laptop, tablet, travel documents, breakage or damage to cameras and tape recorders, sports equipment
DBS Chubb TravellerShield Plus

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Money, mobile phones, tablets, netbooks, laptop/notebook, travel
Seedly Travel Insurance

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Money, mobile phone, laptop, tablet, travel documents, breakage or damage to cameras and tape recorders, sports equipment
Tiq Travel Insurance

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Money, mobile phone, laptop, a pair of shoes, a camera and accompanying lens & any accessories, a set of diving gear and any accessories, personal belongings in baggage, travel documents

Reason #3: Claiming for Things Outside of Your Travel Insurance

Your travel insurance is like a safety net for specific things. Don’t try to claim for stuff not covered. Know your policy inside out so you don’t miss out on anything.

If you’re jetting off to places with travel advisories or getting into high-risk activities, your claim might face a hurdle.

Oh, and if your adventure involves a bit too much partying or some law-breaking, your insurance might not have your back.

Reason #4: Not Checking if Pre-existing Medical Conditions Are Covered

In a world where price is the talk of the town, you might miss this fact if you only look at the cheapest travel insurance available.

How Long Do Claims Take to Process?

The typical claim process is about 14 days or two weeks, and you receive your payments within two to four weeks.

In fact, a survey by Ancileo on Singaporeans’ experiences with travel insurance found that the majority of those surveyed expected two weeks or less waiting time for claims to be resolved and payment to be made.

In reality, some things take time, and 53 per cent of those surveyed were satisfied with their claim experiences, expecting their claims to be resolved within one to two weeks and to receive their payments within two to four weeks.

And before you start wondering which insurer is the best, check out real user reviews below:

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How to Make Sure My Claims Are Accepted?

The best piece of advice I can give you is to know your travel insurance policy.

Reading and understanding your policy documents isn’t going to be easy, but they spell out clearly in black and white what’s covered and what isn’t. Who has the time and patience to go through a 50-page document in size 10 font?

Here are some general tips and pointers to put you in a good position to make successful travel insurance claims:

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