HK Actress Lai Suk Yin, 47, Commits Suicide After Celebrating Christmas With Her Family

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Suk Yin was married to Hong Kong martial artist and stuntman Ken Lo from 1999 to 2006. They have two sons who are under  Ken’s custody after the divorce.

In 2007, she tied the knot with plastic surgeon Hui Chi Ching. They have two sons together as well.

According to reports, Suk Yin remained close with her sons from her previous marriage, and they occasionally joined her and her new family on trips.

When interviewed by the media, Ken revealed that their younger son, who had been studying in England, had just returned for holidays two weeks ago.

Their older son is currently working in Hong Kong. They rushed to the hospital upon hearing the news of Suk Yin’s demise.

He also mentioned that he had spoken to Suk Yin on the phone two weeks before Christmas to discuss matters related to their kids.

He noted that her tone was calm, and did not sense anything out of the ordinary from that phone call.

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