HK Actress Louisa Mak, 32, Proposes To Pilot Boyfriend With Audemars Piguet Watch

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Keith wrote about how Louisa and him became a couple. He revealed that he had lost his job in 2019 due to the pandemic, and it was Louisa who recommended him to appear on variety show, Young and Restless, and later on, See Me Fly Again.

“At the start, we didn’t think that anything would come out of this, but we got along really well. [Louisa] also left a very deep impression on me, because I’ve never met someone so beautiful, who doesn’t have a temper, works very hard, and constantly puts other people first,” he wrote.

He also revealed that Lousia was the one who proposed to him first. “I once joked that if we were to get married, you would have to propose to me so it would be in line with your personality. I didn’t think you would actually remember what I said, and really go through with it…”

“I hope to be able to treat you to dinner for the rest of our lives!” he added.

Louisa would also post about their engagement, this time with pics from when Keith propose to her… with a massive prop ring.

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