“I don’t even qualify for Vietnamese wife.” — Man says S$4.8K/month required to get married to Vietnamese lady

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SINGAPORE: A man recently took to social media to complain that he is no longer eligible to marry a Vietnamese woman after a matchmaker set a minimum income of S$4,800 for suitors.

“Now I don’t even qualify for Vietnamese wife as Matchmaker sets S$4,800 monthly income requirement for potential suitors of a Vietnamese lady,” the man wrote on Facebook Group Complaint Singapore on Saturday (Dec 30).

Netizens did not share the man’s sentiment; they urged him to date local women instead. 

“Look for Singapore wife. They are simple and nice,” one commented.

“I’m not familiar with these matchmaking agencies, but assuming u are a local, why would you look for a foreigner as wife. Don’t you want to consider local ladies first? I think the reason why they set this minimum salary requirement should be in line with ICA regulations,” another said.

Others informed the man that the minimum income requirement made sense because, eventually, he would need to start a family.

“$4800 asking income is minimum already. U marry a wife is let her be housewife or work outside?? If wife married to sg still need work outside why marry? For $4800 income to build a family is hard,” one netizen said.

“Actually it’s not an unreasonable requirement.Don’t forget that amount of $4800 is saying you want to play in LHL’s golden playground. If you cannot even hit that amount, which is not much honestly, how are you going to support your Vietnamese wife and maybe a baby along the way?” another commented.

The Vietnamese bride matchmaker

Earlier this week, B & G Vietnam Bride Marriage Agency posted a photo of a 17-year-old Vietnamese client seeking a Singaporean husband. 

The post sparked an online backlash on HardwareZone Forum as it stated, “Looking for guys below 36 years old and earning at least $4,800. Do not believe others when they tell you a lower expectations.”

The matchmaker, Eric Koh, 64, stood up for the young girl in the face of criticism, emphasizing that he was the one who set the standards for possible suitors for his Vietnamese client.

Speaking to AsiaOne, Koh said he wanted to ensure that men would not “harbour any thoughts that they can easily marry a young girl.”

“Anyone earning $4,800 will have a take home pay of about $3,800. That’s just the bare minimum to support a family as a sole breadwinner. Don’t be sour grapes if you can’t afford a Vietnamese wife,” Koh said.

Koh stated that many Vietnamese women who have married Singaporeans have ended up in divorce, so he made it his mission to assist them in finding decent husbands.

“I want to nip this in the bud,” Koh added.

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