Illegal migrants are “invading” Malibu Beach in California? X users concerned for residents safety 

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If you paid over $3 million for a house in a scenic location, you’d expect security and a peaceful location. Unfortunately for the residents in Malibu Beach, this is not entirely the case for their luxury homes. The threat of safety is also another issue as it is obvious they would have valuables in their homes. 

Furthermore, the topic of illegal migrants has been a bigger problem in recent days due to the economic situation in the United States. However, for those who are legal and are paying their taxes, it seems that many would be fine with them. But for those who come in illegally, it can pose a certain type of problem for the country. 

According to Breitbart, the incident, involving around 25 migrants, prompted investigations by Homeland Security and Border Protection as the boat sank off the coast. Though no one was found, debris and a security camera captured the landing. 

This incident highlights the porousness of the southern border, potentially admitting deported individuals or those with criminal histories. Despite its Hollywood residents’ vocal support for migrants, Malibu remains a coveted destination for privacy and luxury living. Notably, among its residents is Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, adding a surprising twist to the elite neighbourhood’s narrative.

Conservatives unhappy with illegal migrants invading Malibu Beach


Following that, some users are leaving unkind messages towards legendary singer, Barbra Streisand. She has a house in Malibu and users state that she should invite all these migrants to her home for tea. This is in reference to Martha’s Vineyard where a controversial scene involving illegal migrants happened some time ago. 

Conservatives are also criticising the celebrity for not being supportive of Trump’s border wall idea. They state that the residents in these lavish areas should not complain about having illegal migrants coming to their spaces as they are quite vocal in wanting them to enter the United States. 

Regardless, it appears that conservatives in America are blaming celebrities for supporting illegal migrants to enter the country. However, sustaining them would prove to be difficult as Americans are already having a hard time keeping up with inflation and enjoying the “perks” of Bidenomics. 

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