[Infographics] How To Get The Best Bang For Your Buck On Last Minute Travel Plans

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Recently, the trend of last-minute travel has gained popularity, bringing with it the challenge of how we can make sure we still manage our budget effectively for these overseas trips. Typically, we are encouraged to secure our foreign currency in advance for convenience. Through multi-currency accounts like DBS My Account, we can get easy access to multiple foreign currencies.

Embracing cashless payments while abroad, facilitated by tools like the DBS Visa Debit Card, adds safety and convenience to our overseas travel. When paired with the DBS My Account, the DBS Visa Debit Card allows us to make direct payments in foreign currencies without any markup fees.

Also, with the DBS Visa Debit Card, every foreign currency spend is not just a transaction, but would also allow us an opportunity to earn cashback.

Even as we pack our bags for that spontaneous trip, we should remember to pack not just our essential items for our trips, but also be equipped with the right cards, accounts and apps so that we maximise and stretch every dollar that we spend overseas.

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