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Joakim Gomez celebrated his 11th year on 987

He revealed that he started out as a part-timer who “almost got let go because [he] absolutely sucked on air”. However, thanks to the help and guidance from his colleagues and bosses, Joakim improved, and managed to keep his place at the station. 

Of course he didn’t forget to thank his on-air partner, Sonia Chew, writing: ” 8 years were spent with some girl called Sonia Chew? Did..did I get her name right? You’re only seeing 50% of me in this shot because in a radio context I could be her better half. I kid.”

He shared a picture from his second-ever show to mark the special occasion, and also thanked his listeners and followers for their support throughout the years. 

Photos: Joakim Gomez/ Instagram

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