Japan’s popular Warabimochi Kamakura chain opening first outlet in Singapore at One Holland Village

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Other than traditional warabi mochi, which comes in chunky pieces, Warabimochi Kamakura is known for its photogenic dessert drinks loaded with naturally warabi mochi, which are cut into tiny pieces so they can be slurped up with a bubble tea straw.

There are seven flavour options for the iced drinks, like strawberry yogurt (from S$7.90), strawberry milk (from S$7.90), asakawa-en matcha (from S$6.40), coffee milk (from S$6.40), houjicha (from S$6.40), lemonade (from S$6.40) and matcha lemonade (from S$6.40).

For flavours like matcha, coffee milk and houjicha, you can also enjoy your drinks slightly warm via the ‘mild hot’ options.

To celebrate its opening, the new store is offering a one-for-one promotion from Feb 3 to 5 on its matcha and coffee milk warabi mochi dessert drinks. Each customer is limited to two redemptions.


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