Kathy Chow Died From A Heart Attack, Death Said To Be “Calm, Peaceful And Without Pain”

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As for Kathy’s multiple pets, including her beloved Golden Retriever Saturday, they have to be left behind in China as Kathy’s mother is advanced in age and does not live in a place suitable to house all of them.

Kathy’s family is also worried that “the animals would not be able to take” Hong Kong’s nearly 10-month quarantine process for animals entering the city.

Instead, Kathy’s furkids will be adopted by the actress’ close friends and are currently being cared for in Beijing.

Kathy’s family also implored the media and fans to respect and stop harassing the family as well as to stop filming outside the actress’ former home.

“The dog [Saturday] still lives there and has developed symptoms of anxiety, and is howling day and night because of the crowd outside filming and conducting live streams,” says Kathy’s sister.

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