Kathy Chow Removed From Macau Concert After Outburst & No Show At Rehearsal

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According to someone who claimed to be a staff member of the concert, Kathy was pulled from the line-up at the last minute following her sudden outburst at rehearsals the night before.

While helping Kathy off the stage, a crew member “may have touched her arm”, and she suddenly flared up.

“She refused to be touched, leaving all the crew shocked. We didn’t know if she was having emotional problems or just being difficult,” said the source.

The last straw was when Kathy failed to turn up for the full-dress rehearsal on the day of the performance.

The reason? She didn’t want to get up from her sleep.

“She questioned why she was woken up,” said the staff.

“She ended up showing up two hours late and as a result, we were unable to complete the rehearsal [before filming]. This caused other artistes to wait in vain.”

Organisers were furious with Kathy and she was told that she did not need to attend the concert.

According to reports, Kathy later apologised to organisers through her manager and also explained why she was unable to participate in the final rehearsal, but to no avail.

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