Kenneth Ma Has The Perfect Response To Kevin Cheng Calling Their Gatherings “A Waste Of Time”

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Kevin Cheng must really be biting his tongue now. The 54-year-old actor’s recent comments about an alleged feud with pal Kenneth Ma, 49, have only further fuelled those rumours that they, well, don’t get along.

Kevin, who starred with Kenneth in 2010 TVB drama A Fistful of Stances, called the gatherings with the rest of the cast a “waste of time”, and also hinted that he won’t be attending Kenneth’s upcoming wedding with Roxanne Tong.

Now Kenneth has stepped up to the plate, teaching a masterclass on how to address a scandal.

At a promo event for his TVB drama The Queen of News, Kenneth was quizzed about the feud. The first thing he did was to ask how those rumours of a falling out even started in the first place.

“Firstly, he is a father of three now! It’s why everyone understands why he can’t make it for dinner all those times,” he then said.

He went on to defend Kevin, who was accused of being sarcastic with his comments.

“If you are familiar with Kevin as a person, you will know what he is talking about! If you’re not close to him, you will think he is proud. If you know him, you won’t misunderstand him. You will know what he is trying to say,” said Kenneth.

As for Kevin calling their gatherings a waste of time, Kenneth again emphasised that Kevin has three kids and must be very busy taking care of his family.

“With very close friends, you meet up only when you are free. Real close friends are like that actually,” he added.

Kenneth’s pitch-perfect replies have won him new fans and a lot of praise on the internet.

“From the Jacqueline Wong-Andy Hui cheating scandal to the feud between the A Fistful of Stances cast, Kenneth’s response [to these incidents] have all been gracious. He is a really cultured person,” read one comment.

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