Kevin Cheng Admits He Needs To Change The Way He Shares His Opinions After His Recent Comments About Co-Stars Got Him In Trouble

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When asked about old dating rumours with Charmaine Sheh resurfacing due to the attention that has been placed on him, Kevin said: “I won’t respond to things from the past. I feel very bad for Charmaine, that she got dragged into this.”

He also addressed the hate directed at his wife Grace Chan. She was lambasted online for making the “waste of time” situation worse by posting pics from a recent holiday in Africa.

He, again, emphasised how bad he felt for affecting Kenneth, Grace, and Charmaine with his words.

“I’m being myself, but I don’t want to affect others as well,” he said, adding that he is trying to change the way he speaks so as to avoid similar misunderstandings in the future.

When asked about his cousin Vinci Wong’s accusation about him being “two faced”, Kevin simply said: “I won’t speak about my family and relatives. If I were so good at being two-faced, I wouldn’t be here explaining things which I should have been more tactful about. I tried my best.”

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