Leaked Video Of Faye Wong Singing At KTV Has Netizens Asking Her To Hold A Concert Again

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It has been more than a decade since pop diva Faye Wong, 54, did a live performance and we think it is time for her to take the stage again.

But for now, it seems she is more comfortable within the dark confines of a KTV bar.

In a leaked video posted to Weibo, the Chinese singer can be heard belting hits ‘Alone on the West Tower’ and ‘I Have a Date with Spring’, her vocals energising fans to clamour for more.

Scroll down for the video.

Many took to the comments section praising Faye, the general sentiment being she sounds like the original recording of the song. 

Most have also explicitly expressed their desire for a concert. “I wonder if it would ever possible to go see Faye’s concert again in this life,” wished one fan. 

“Come out and make money, don’t go to the KTV,” said another. 

Faye, what say you?

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