Malaysian influencer who claimed to have bought every seat in cinema hall in viral TikTok video was just kidding

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In response to a comment which postulated that “maybe no one else bought tickets for that movie session”, Eriyca said yes and elaborated that she and her husband “thought they had entered the wrong hall” upon seeing how empty it was.

She added that since she had already posted and the story had become viral, she decided to just entertain those who commented on her videos.

And entertain she did.

When one user said “This isn’t introversion; it’s showing off”, Eriyca responded, “Even if it’s true, what’s wrong with that?”

Speaking to Malaysian news outlet mStar, Eriyca said, “I made the video caption in jest… Suddenly, it became viral, so I left it at that. Netizens can say whatever they want like I’m just showing off or I’m being pretentious and claiming to be an introvert, I’ll still forgive them.”

However, she admitted she enjoyed watching the resulting chaos.

“It was quite fun watching netizens fight in the comments section. That’s why I let things be. They’re actually quite funny.”

Coincidentally, Eriyca’s saga happened around the same time as another famous incident which also saw netizens taking something they saw on social media and just running with it: Michelle Yeoh’s Instagram post about her grandchild.

The beloved actress posted a picture of a baby’s foot, which prompted many fans to assume that she had just become a parent. It was later revealed that the photo was of her newborn grandchild.

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