“Maybe I Have A Friendly Face?” Class 95 DJ Yasminne Cheng On Getting Used In Deep Fake Video Asking For Her Feet To Be Licked & Being A Repeat Target Of Scammers

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This isn’t the first time Yasminne’s image has been used as a catfish. In 2021 her pictures were found to be fronting  an online scam ad.

“I have no idea why they do it. Maybe I have a friendly face? You tell me?” she says when we commented that she seems to be a popular target.

She admits other personalities might have been targeted too though it never got around to them knowing about it.

In fact, Yasminne shares with us that she has engaged with a couple of these scammers before but only when she is free and in a good mood.

“One time, the scammer was going on about how ‘fantastic’ I am and even after I asked him to explain how so, he still didn’t get it,” she laughs.

When asked if it is time to finally get the police involved, Yasminne still thinks it isn’t worth it though she hopes that this incident can help spread more awareness on such scams.

Her advice? “Just be smart about it and call the person back for verification. This is not Mission Impossible and they shouldn’t be able to intercept it.”

Yasminne also hilariously points out, “If I was going to borrow money from you, I would at least be polite about it and ask you out for a drink.”

Photos: yasminnecheng/Instagram

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