Mayday Investigated For Lip-Syncing At Shanghai Concert, Could Face Maximum Fine Of S$19K

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Following the revelation, netizens flooded Mayday’s agency B’in Music’s Weibo account, demanding answers.

Some fans defended the band, saying that from Ashin’s off-key singing in ‘Cheers’, it’s obvious that they were singing live.

“Claiming it’s off-key and lip-syncing just because it’s too accurate is absurd,” said one fan.

They also questioned the accuracy of this method of assessment as live band performances typically have loud music, which overpowers the vocals.

According to Chinese media reports, the Beijing Cultural Market Comprehensive Law Enforcement Corps is looking into the allegations and that investigations would take some time.

A staff member also stated that officers were present at six of the band’s Beijing concerts earlier this year to ensure the performance is consistent with the approved content.

It added that it “had positions near the central control area”.

While Mayday and B’in Music have not addressed the controversy, the latter announced on Weibo that it will live stream the band’s Paris concert on Dec 7 – which starts on Dec 8, 3am Singapore time – in its entirety.  

The band is scheduled to perform in Singapore on Jan 13 and 14 at the National Stadium.

Photos: Mayday/Weibo, 声理学/Weibo

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