Meet Caryn Tang, a certified water sommelier in Singapore

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For example, if you do a lot of sports, I’d recommend that you drink this water instead of an isotonic because it has a high mineral content, zero calories and can replenish your body better than an isotonic,” she said, pointing to a bottle of Gerolsteiner sparkling mineral water from Germany.

Hence, her Essence Of Water course, which is presented in collaboration with SHATEC. When I asked who she hopes will attend the course, she replied: “People who are curious about water and people who already appreciate water.”

“Have you found any of those?”

“No,” she replied with a hearty laugh.

“Look,” she continued, “if just two or three of the people who come to my class leave and go out and spread the word, then I’m happy. I’m not looking to sell water. This is just about sharing my knowledge and to deepen Singapore’s appreciation for water, which many of us take for granted.”

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