Moses Chan, 52, Mocked For Being Farsighted By Netizens As If They Won’t Grow Old One Day Too

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There are two types of behaviour that people exhibit when they bump into celebrities in public. The first is to excitedly go up to ask for pics, and the second would be to secretly take unglam photos of the stars.

This netizen, who recently shared the pics she had taken of TVB stars Moses Chan, 56, and Katy Kung, 34, after spotting them in a restaurant in Shenzhen, obviously belongs in the second group.

In the pictures, the stars were happily chatting and using their phones. 

For some reason, netizens found it funny that Moses was holding his phone away from his face and they said he looked like an old man with farsightedness struggling to read the words on his phone. 

“Is his farsightedness so serious?” laughed one netizen.

We’re not sure what’s so funny about that but these netizens do know they will grow old one day too, right?

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