Netizens defend bus driver who “controlled the wheels with elbows”, calling passenger who took photo “cowardly”

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SINGAPORE: A photo of a bus driver “controlling the wheels with his elbows” made the rounds online, but instead of condemning the driver, the majority of the netizens criticised the passenger who took the snapshot, calling him “cowardly” for shaming the driver online instead of telling him directly that it was dangerous.

The photo was posted in the Facebook page, “(buses[IN]gapore!)”, and the passenger said, “Controlling the steering wheel with elbows (both hands not on steering wheel) at 60km/h on rainy day…and plucking fingers scratch chin etc – for quite a while. Yeah the bus made it safely to Woodlands but weird sight to see.”

After coming across the post, the majority of the netizens voiced their disapproval of the passenger’s behavior.

One netizen said, “It is utterly cowardly to take someone’s photo and potentially affect their livelihood in the name of FB likes. If you feel it was dangerous, you should have told the driver immediately rather than take a photo.”

Another netizen also pointed out that what was more important was that the driver had his eyes on the road, adding, “He’s doing that. The ability to control the steering wheel with any part of the hands varies with individual.”

One netizen also asked, “Why not ask the driver instead of posting it in social media and back stabbing the driver? If you are really concern then approach the driver politely than posting it and ruin his career.”

Several netizens also praised the bus driver, deeming the way he drove the bus a “skill” that was not that dangerous since his feet “were ready to hit the breaks if necessary.”

The passenger who took the photo also defended himself several times in the comments section, stating that he only said that it was “a weird sight” and that he was allowed to take a photo and post it on any social media, like others.

The caption was also edited, and the passenger added, “Don’t come call names, claim baseless claims etc. Just like how I don’t interfere with what you post on Facebook, you don’t either. There’s always other places for your comments and unhappiness, thanks.”

Does Singapore allow individuals to take photos of someone without their consent?

Even without consent, it is generally legal to film and take pictures of people in public, according to Gloria James-Civetta and Co Singapore Criminal Lawyers. 

However, a picture or video may cross legal boundaries if it was taken in a private setting, like a restroom, during a private activity, if it showed private body parts, or if it was taken with the intention of intimidating or harassing someone.

In cases where you happen to be a part of or the subject of a photo or video that was posted online, you can request that it be taken down from a page.

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