Original ‘Ke Mu San’ Dance & Creator Revealed And People Are Realising How Complex It Really Is

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Netizens also managed to uncover a video performed by Kaihong himself who can be seen delivering the original choreography on stage.

Dressed in a black outfit and white sneakers, Kaihong’s OG version includes the moonwalk, the robot, and miming, and it drew cheers and gasps from the crowd.

Scroll down to watch the video.

After watching the video, many commented that the dance looked a lot more difficult, and that they now know why most people can’t last longer than 30 seconds.

“No wonder most people only post 30-second clips!” wrote one netizen.

Complexity aside, it seems to have also inspired others. “It is such a powerful dance! I should go to some talent show to perform it!” said one such netizen.

Wait… Is no one worried about fracturing their bones?

Photos and Video: Chinapress, 純情事務所/YouTube

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